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Our mission is to provide food for those in need and encouragement through sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We currently serve around 800-900 families each month.
Every client receives enough food to last about a week,
including meat, dairy (milk, juice, eggs, butter), and fresh produce.



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Please bring your picture ID and a proof of residence (a piece of mail with your name and current address on it) and show up on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. We use the Texas Department of Agriculture poverty guidelines (TEFAP) for qualification, but no one is turned away in an emergency situation.


We're going to offer to pray with you, but prayer is NOT required to be served.


The Storehouse is more than a food pantry, it’s a mission to the poor. Our loving prayer volunteers spend time with each client to listen to them and to offer prayer, if they agree to it. Every volunteer is trained to love and respect our clients and each person is treated with dignity and respect.

Phone: 512-989-9989

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Sep 24, 2014

I was awakened throughout the night seeing a sea of people crying out for help. Whole families. Then I realized they were clients coming to the Storehouse, arriving one and two hours early to be first in line. These people are numbering 100 plus each day we are open.

Thanks to Capital Area Food Bank; Walmart; HEB and Target to name a few of our sources for food, we have an abundance in God's Storehouse for everyone, (Malachi 3:10).

The need is huge. If you have been committed to support the Storehouse and have since stopped, would you prayerfully reconsider? If you have not been a partner, please prayerfully join us with your making a difference support.

They count on us; can we count on you????

It is very simple, click on donate for ways to help or mail your support to The Storehouse, P.O. Box 1256 Pflugerville, Texas 78691.

Above all else, please pray for God to raise up people to support the mission of feeding the poor and needy.

Thank you,


Sep 16, 2014

I want to address a couple of questions that came to me recently.  "If The Storehouse is getting free food from Wal-Mart and HEB, why do you still need my donation?"

Late last year Capital Area Food Bank approached us about becoming a partner with retailers Wal-Mart and HEB to pick food that is ready to go into expiration.  This food is virtually free to us, except  for the administration and operations.   In order for this to happen, the Storehouse had some decisions to make. It would need extra space; walk-in cooler; pallet jack and forklift/lift for truck. After meeting with the Board of Directors and much prayer the decision was made.  The  target total for this new endeavor was $25,000 for startup costs.  The suite next to C-5  came available soon after that and we signed the lease by faith.

A short time later a friend I hadn't seen in over four years called me and said he wanted to meet with me right away. He came to my house and began to tell me his story.   He said God told him to help The Storehouse, and he helped us get the new space built out and then gave us a check for $25,000. 

It's very important everyone understands that The Storehouse is now able to provide meat, fresh produce, dairy, eggs, and more  to hungry families. In past  years we considered it a good week if we could give every family one pound of ground beef.  Today our families go home with meat enough to make a meal for whatever size their family is, along with fresh fruits and vegetables.  We hoped that this free food would be a "wash" replacing what we spent at the Capital Area Food Bank, but we hadn't factored in what is being spent in added space; fuel for the truck; man hours and utilities.  The Storehouse picks up an abundance of food every day, and it goes out the next day--just in time inventory,  Nothing is wasted.

Let's not forget our mission:  The Storehouse provides food for those in need and encouragement through sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ,

We will serve over 1000 families this month. We need still you!!!!!  Please donate now.

Homeland Security - Homeland Missions

Sep 13, 2014

Our country is a mission field. Yes, there are plenty of foreign mission fields that need the gospel as well, but Christianity in America is slipping away. Have you ever considered being a homeland missionary?  You have the opportunity at The Storehouse.  Our clientele are the audience for the gospel. Jesus said to preach the gospel to the poor.  Why do you suppose that works better than preaching to the rich?  The poor have no other resources and believe more quickly and earnestly because their lives depend on trusting God once they find him.

Many clients come back more for prayer than for food.  We have seen increased numbers at Tuesday's Chapel Services and Thursday's Prayer meetings.  These are voluntary gatherings that we hold at 9 a.m. before we open at 10.  Attendance is not required to get served, and we don't hand out serving numbers until 10 a.m., so the attendees do not have an advantage over those who come later.

This week we saw a man delivered from lifelong depression, and two women delivered from a spirit of heaviness or despair.  God is at work among those who believe.

Join us at our early meetings, and then talk to Laura about being a volunteer. You can also email her:  Jesus told us to pray for laborers for the harvest because the harvest is ripe. We are asking for laborers in His harvest.  Is that you?

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Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 3:5



"My children eat a lot, they play a lot, but they eat like crazy. It’s great having something we can count on every month instead of having to worry about getting just a little bit of food on our budget..."

- Alicia H.

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