Our Story

For 12 years we have dedicated our lives to providing food for those in need and encouragement through the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


What would you do if the career you loved, the home of your
dreams, and all sense of security were taken away from you?


That’s our story.

Storehouse Founders
Jack and Sandra Cochrun

A peek inside our journal...

We bought a new home in 2000 and it was everything we’d ever dreamed of. We wanted to be able to retire in it and we were both working hard to make that happen.  Then the bottom fell out of the economy and my job was downsized in the spring of 2001, and Jack’s business failed following September 11 of that same year.  In the fall of 2002 our home sold one day before they foreclosed on it, we sold most of our belongings at a garage sale and we had a few pieces of fundamental things in the back of a 12’ trailer heading to Tennessee.  We were 59 years old and homeless.


We hoped that we may be able to find employment in Tennessee but after sending out thousands of resumes we were broker than ever by that Christmas. The little bit we’d realized out of the sale of the house was gone and we were depending on a food pantry to keep us fed.


God Hears and Answers Our Prayers

We didn’t realize at the time that God was preparing us for the work He had for us to do. We spent countless hours in prayer and the Word and then one day Jack heard from the Lord that He wanted us to start a Storehouse so there would be food for everyone.


We’d only experienced the Good Samaritan’s Food Pantry in Hendersonville, and while they were Christian people, not all the volunteers were compassionate and kind.  Many times we left there feeling ashamed because we had to ask for help.  We decided then that The Storehouse would be a place of compassion without compromise.


"We know how humiliating poverty is, and how embarrassed we were to receive food from a food pantry, and to have to ask for help after being so self-sufficient."-SandraWe came back to Austin in March of 2003 and were hired at AAA Storage in April as property managers. The position came with a two-bedroom apartment and a small salary.  We jumped at the chance to be self-supporting again, and owner George Castleberry agreed to let us start The Storehouse on his premises.


The first pantry operated from AAA Storage in Pflugerville. The owners donated a 7.5' x 20' climate-controlled storage space. We set up shelving according to the requirements of Capitol Area Food Bank, and we were open. We fed 4,000 the first year!



We opened a location in south Austin in 2004 and discovered by the end of 2005 that we were in over our heads. We could not keep pace with the food inventory, and it was next to impossible to get volunteers to go into that neighborhood. We met a lot of great people in south Austin and learned how deep poverty can go. We had never known anyone who lived in the woods prior to that, and we met some wonderful people who struggle to make it.



We opened at our current location, 1202 F. M. 685 (Dessau Rd.) in Pflugerville in March. Each step was a step of faith because we depend on the grace of God and the generosity of His children to keep us afloat financially. We've discovered that if we take the first step (as He leads), He will take the next one. In the fall of 2006 we leased the adjoining space and doubled our capability to serve more people.


"We know how it feels to have people look down on you. That's why at The Storehouse we want every person treated the way you'd treat Jesus if He were the client. We have never turned anyone away, and we try to help people find hope and self-respect in the process."-Jack2007

We leased the adjoining suite and expanded our operation.



The Storehouse Network went on the air on March 21st. We leased another space in the plaza, and The Storehouse Thrift Store opened in June.  Kevin and Jami Cochrun join the staff in
last quarter.



Thrift Store celebrated one year anniversary.  Jack and Sandra Cochrun honored on Good Morning America, AmeriCAN segment.  Johnnie Baldwin joins the team in mid-year.


The Storehouse Mission Chapel opened October 4th—a Community Chapel for Storehouse clients, volunteers and friends of The Storehouse.



We celebrated our 7th anniversary on October 4, 2010. The Chapel was one year old, and the Thrift Store celebrated its 2nd anniversary. Kevin and Jami move on and Tina Micho joined our staff in November.



Eight years!!!! Changing times - Maximize the Ministry, Minimize the Expenses.  We closed the thrift store and moved the chapel to C-4 to concentrate on our No. 1 job of feeding people.



Added Client Services Rep., Estela Swanner, and Warehouse Manager, Sam Taylor



10th Anniversary Gala Event in October at Texas Disposal Systems Exotic Game Ranch



In January Capital Area Food Bank selected The Storehouse to be a Retail Partner with Wal-Mart and HEB because of our ability to feed a great number of people and to do it well.


We added another warehouse space, an 8 x 10 walk-in cooler, a lift for our 16’ box truck, a pallet jack, and a 78” 3-door glass-front cooler for the serving room.  With these tools we are now able to provide not only canned foods and some bread, but meat, dairy, produce as well as bread and pastries.  For people to have enough food to make a nutritious meal no matter how large their family is, that’s what it’s all about for us.


In 2015 we have added new serving days/times.



Tina Lee promoted to Executive Director.

•  •  •  •  •


Twelve years have passed and we have dedicated our lives to providing food for those in need and encouragement through the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  More than 500,000 people have received groceries since we began.


These are trying times for everyone.  We are focusing on providing food for hungry people, and pointing them to the One who has all the answers.


Jesus replied,” Go back and report to John what you hear and see. The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is proclaimed to the poor.”

Matthew 11:4-5



One year ago today at exactly 1:00pm after being paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair, the Lord moved on Jack to pray for her and spoke through the power of the Holy Spirit and was given a word: "Today is your day, are you ready" then he spoke "get up and walk."


Today she drove (and has been driving for 11 months) and walked into The Storehouse. She has been walking since the day the Lord spoke through Jack.

Pflugerville City Council proclaimed June 8, 2009 as Storehouse Week in Pflugerville after we'd been featured on Good Morning America.



Providing Real Food for a Cancer Survivor


A woman identifying herself as a cancer survivor contacted The Storehouse to see if she could get the fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables she needs to restore her health.


We were happy to tell her that The Storehouse had an abundant supply of fresh fruits and vegetables that week and encouraged her to come. The client (name withheld) visited the next day and received what she needed according to her testimony.


“Yes, Sandra, I did come and received carrots, cabbage, red potatoes, three meats some fruit, eggs.  I am so very thankful. Meeting Mrs. Emma topped off my day." (Mrs. Emma is one of our sweet prayer partners).

Compassion without Compromise

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